NVG offers professional 3D scanning services based in Johannesburg that caters for an specific market at an reasonable price. We specialize in two different 3D scan data acquisition techniques. Each suited to digitize specific types of objects or scenes.

Laser scanning:

We use laser 3D scanning for small to medium sized objects. The typical size would be anything from 2cm to 40cm. With laser scanning we have the option to choose to scan the model with or without texture as well as the amount of detail required per scan. With the ideal settings an accuracy of 0.0127cm during micro scanning can be achieved. The models produced by laser scanning is also scaled to 1 to 1 from the original object. This means 1cm on the scanned object is 1cm on the 3D model, thus enabling highly accurate measurements to be taken from the three dimensional model.

Time of sight:

This is a method where light is sent from a device to an object and then bounced back. The about of time the light takes to travel to and from the device is then recorded. A longer time period would mean a further distance. The shorter the time span the closer the distance. Making thousands of measurements per seconds results is a high resolution 3D map of an model or environment. Taking these kinds of measurements from different angles results in a full 3D model that can then be post processed and rendered.


Export formats:

At this point in time we can offer 3D models in .OBJ and .STL formats. We can also can convert the main formats into the following formats: PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, VRML, DXF, GTS, U3D, IDTF, X3D


Objects that range from 3cm squared to about 50cm squared can be scanned at very high to low resolutions depending on the detail needed from the object using laser based 3D scanning. Objects larger than 50cm squared can be digitized via photogrammetry given that the object has enough reference texture.