August 19th, 2015

Second Bust created

3D Human, 3D Print, by MrAdmin.

Below is a short description on my second attempt to create an 3D printed head bust.

Below is one of the reference photos I used to add detail to the 3D scan I did.


Once the 3D scan has been one the last couple of steps is to smooth and fix the imperfections of the 3D scan.


Below is the final 3D model with all the added micro detail taken from the photo references.


Below is a quick animation of the final model:


Then it was time to print. Below is the print preview panel along with it’s bounding box ready for the printer.


Below are some close up photos I took of the final 3D print after it was vapor smoothed.

20150801_114952 20150801_114957 20150801_115002 20150801_115015 20150801_115022

After printing I had some fun with the 3D printed bust in my garden.

And finally below… Mini me meets it’s big brother.



And last but not least is an live 3D view of the model. Click below to load the model and then use your mouse rotate the model.

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