March 2nd, 2015

Next Gen 3D Body scan

3D Human, by MrAdmin.

 We decided to play with a super high resolution model in order to see how we can update our 3D scanning techniques and methods. The plan is also to be able to offer such high resolution scans in the near future.

A lot was learnt from this model on how super high resolution 3D scan data is processed and made ready for printing and CG rendering.

Watch this space for more of our own high resolution 3D body scan coming soon!!!


The below model was bought from 3dscanstore.com. Feel free to visit their side for more amazing 3D human scans.

Below is an 3D render of the model.

(Click on the image for the full high resolution render)


We thought doing a quick animation of the model would also be in order.


Then to show off the details of the 3D model below is an 3D render of the model with no color texture applied.


Below is an small 3D print from the 3D body scan. This was to see what amount of detail would be retained when printing a small version of the 3D body scan.



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