Object Scanning

3D Object Scanning

I am capable of digitizing almost any object for almost any use. I provide professional, fast and quality services that caters for a wide variety of industries.

Price per scanned object is R800- R1200 and up depending on the complexity and size of the object.

Some industries that make use of 3D scanning are:

  • Medial.
  • Crime scene investigation.
  • Computer graphics and animation.
  • Museum and cultural preservation.
  • Dentistry.
  • Art and sculpting.
  • Jewelry design.
  • Manufacturing.

Process of having an object scanned:

Having an object scanned can be achieved in a couple of steps.

  • Contact me on contact<at>nvg.co.za for more information and a quote.
  • A photo of the object you wish to have scanned would greatly assist me in supplying you with a more accurate quote.
  • Once all the details (eg texture/no texture and detail required) of the 3D scan has been specified, arrange for the object to be brought to me.
  • Object may be dropped off at my home office prior to arrangement. I am based in Johannesburg Bramley. See map HERE
  • Once I have received the object I will let you know that the scanning process has started.
  • If you need the object returned it will be posted back to you along with the 3D scan data requested and the invoice generated from the accepted quote.
  • Alternatively you may also pick up the object after scanning is done.
  • All scan data belongs to me / NVG until payment has been made in full.

I can on some occasions process the 3D scan data onsite where you reside. For example if the objects in question can not be moved in the case of rare museum artifacts. This is very dependable on the location, object, space to work in and type of 3D digitization being done.

At this point in time I can supply 3D models in .obj and .stl format. I can not supply CAD models at this stage.