August 2nd, 2015

Jana’s 3D body scan

3D Art, 3D Human, 3D Print, by MrAdmin.

I had the privilege of doing a 3D body scan of Jana Niemoller. Thank you to her for being such a great sport and becoming the second model to be 3D scanning using our new high resolution 3d scanning method.

Below is one of the photo references used to finalized the 3D model.



Front reference

Then below is an short animation built from the 3D scan data. Jana’s face below was from another separate 3D scan.


Then below is a screen shot of the low resolution 3D model generated from the high resolution 3D scan data.


Below is an side view or the high resolution 3D model. This is after editing, smoothing and sculpting was completed.



Below is and 3D render of the final model


Then lastly is an live interactive 3D model. Click below to load the model then use your mouse to rotate the model.

Then it’s time for the 3D printing to begin.

First step after the parts was printed, glued and the vapor smoothed was to fill in the cracks and add some crack filler for texture.


then the next step was to spray the model with a base primer to have the paint stick better to the model.


The last step was then to spray the model copper and paint some of the infills with black paint to give it a more “copper” look.



And then full circle. Below is Jana with her new “mini me”


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