June 11th, 2015

First offical Hi rez body scan.

3D Human, by MrAdmin.

We are proud to show off our latest or first official 3D body scan using our new Artec Eva 3D scanner.

Thanks to Brian Tapson for being our subject for the day.

Below is the raw processed scan data just before it was combined into the final 3D model that would be then cleaned up in Zbrush.

Below is the final 3D print made from the scan.

20150615_175557 20150615_175613 20150615_175619

BrainWIP1 BrainWIP2 BrainWIP3

Below is a screenshot of the model in the process of being finalized.



Below is the final 3D render of the model. Feel free to click the image below for the full high resolution image.




Finally below is an live 3D view of the model. Click below to load the 3D model then use your mouse to rotate the model in any direction.


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