May 21st, 2017

Queen Bee

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Below is a work I did called “Queen Bee”. This took about 2 months on and off creating this image. This is an small scale version of the high resolution image.


The photo below is what I based my image on. This is photo is taken by Blakelittle . The photo is of a woman that has had honey dumped all over her body. There is also an book out however the cost stopped me from ordering my own copy. So I then decided to make my own image as an homage to his work.  I also think being one of the models must have been a lot of fun.

Below is a quick video of how the photos was taken:


I started off by using some old 3D body scans of Jezelle Collins I did a couple of years ago. (How time flies)  I used to scans one with her head level and the other with her head elevated. Both had items I wanted to use.


So I started to combine the two with a simple raw alignment using Artec studio 9.


I further aligned the 3D scans using non rigid alignment.


Once I have the base 3D scan I started using zbrush from scratch to build the model I want to use in my image. Using “Project all” in Zbrush I aligned the base mesh with the 3D scan bit by bit.


Below I added the arms and then later I merged the different models into one mesh using dynamesh.


Then I could get started sculpting the model using the above mentioned techniques.


I started adding detail to the model using photo references of Jezelle Collins and other body reference photos from 3d.sk



Below is the 3D body reference used for the final model


Next I created a hollow shell from the above model and added the dripping honey “effects” to it.


Below is the honey shell placed over the original body sculpt.


And also with no transparancy


After I added some texture to the base body model like eyes and lips I started playing with the look and feel with in and very old version of Keyshot. It still did the trick and with an decent GPU and CPU it did not take that long to render each test shot.




Below is an closeup of the background I made zbrush’s shadow box.


Below is raw mesh in Zbrush.


Then below is only the Honey shell rendered without the body mesh inside. It created nice refractions from the background so I decided to use this as an extra layer


April 26th, 2017

Ms Ples 3D scan

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I was contacted by 24 7 architects to do an 3D scan of a cast of Ms. Ples skull. Below are some 3D renders of the skull with and without textures.

Mrs. Ples is the popular nickname for the most complete skull of an Australopithecus africanus ever found in South Africa. Many Australopithecus fossils have been found near Sterkfontein, about 40 kilometres northwest of Johannesburg, in a region of the Transvaal now designated as the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. Mrs. Ples was discovered by Robert Broom and John T. Robinson on April 18, 1947. Because of Broom’s use of dynamite and pickaxe while excavating, Mrs. Ples’ skull was blown into two pieces and some fragments are missing. Nonetheless, Mrs./Mr. Ples is one of the most perfect pre-human skulls ever found.





August 31st, 2016

New female head bust

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I had the wonderful opportunity to work with this amazing model. She had time to pose for face 3D scan that I then made an 3D modeled bust out of.

Below is the raw 3D scan and some “making of”. The 3D scan was done using Artec Eva 3D scanner.




Below is the final 3D model animation.



Below is the online 3D model. Click below to start the live 3D model then use your mouse to rotate the model.

And lastly an screen shot of the model in Meshlab.


I decided to create a quick video on how to remove shadows or equalize textures from a 3D model. Enjoy.

August 2nd, 2016

Bird Bath

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I had the time to 3D scan an concrete bird bath.

Below is the 3D model of the bird bath.


Below is the live 3D model. Click below to launch it and then use your mouse to rotate the model.

Below is the animations and renders of the bird bath.



And below is the same 3D model of the bird bath but without any color texture.