March 15th, 2015

3D Voortrekker Monument

Past 3D models, by MrAdmin.

We spent some time at the Voortrekker Monument 3D scanning some of the sights in and around the main building.

Below is part an relief found inside the main building. The relief goes around the entire inside of the building. 3D scanning this would have taken days to accomplish however we decided to focus only on one part of the relief.


Below is an photo of the part that was 3D scanned.


A quick animation of the relief was made to show more of the details of the relief.


In the animation below the light source was moved across the 3D scan of the relief to show the depth of the 3D scan in greater detail.


To show the 3D scan with and without it’s texture applied gives a greater appropriation of the details captured.


The below 3D scan was of another relief of an ox wagon. These surround the main building almost entirely.


And again the 3D relief is shown with and without it’s color information. It’s interesting to note that it’s now every easy to see what is actual detail and what is just color.


And again as with the above the light source was moved across the 3D scan to show more of the detail of the 3D scan.


Lastly we 3D scanned part of the main statue that is in front of the main building. We had to climb up on top some high places to get access to as many possible angles as possible.


Below is a quick animation of the 3D scan we did of the statue.  With the statue being in between and against walls it was not possible to 3D scan all sides of the statue.


Below is shown some 3D renders with and without the color information.


Lastly an chrome version just to top it all off.


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