3D Images

Here at NVG we are capable of creating almost any image you can think of. These images can be rendered in almost any size to suite your needs. Be it an CD cover for your band or an backdrop for a play, we can help make your dream images come to full color life!

It all starts by contacting us with an short description and perhaps some sketches or sample photos. From there we can form an idea of what you wish to accomplish. We will then have an more clear idea of how long the project will take and if we can complete the project within your time frame. Once the terms of the project has been set we can kick start your project into high gear! With every major or minor step completed we give you an status update to make sure we are still on the correct path with what you have in mind. This way the need for minor changes can be picked up fast before they become major changes. All images are rendered to the size and resolution you specify. We also never render images with less than 300dpi to enable high quality printing in any format.

We use state of the art software from multiple suppliers and open source resources to bring you the best images possible. Our well trained staff members have years of experience in their field thus enabling them to give you the best possible service. At an price that most often beats the competition.

A note must be made that some images, depending on their complexity may take as long as a month or two to complete. Other images may be created in a matter of hours.

Once your images has been completed to your satisfaction we deliver the image via DVD or email depending on the file size of the image or images. We would of course like to show off your new image to all our NVG followers, however we will only do so one you have given confirmation confirming us to do so.

For any further questions or to start the ball rolling on your new idea please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Below are just some images we have created in the past for our clients: