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An house hold business based in Johannesburg, Sandon.
I offer 3D printing, 3D scanning and other graphical related services.
NVG is fully bee certified. Please follow the link HERE for more information from our representative.

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Click here to have an 3D object scanned

We specialize in organic 3D object scanning. Object sizes from 3cm to 50cm plus depending on the object. Formats available are .obj and .sti. Cost per object range from R1200 to R5000, object depending.



Click here to have yourself 3D scanned

If you want a digital version of yourself you have come to the right place. The whole process takes about 1 hour and processing two to three weeks. Cost per person is R800.

Corrie-Turn-s           NatRedAni1-S           Jamie-Turn1-S           Ockert2-Ani1-Small


Click here to have yourself 3D printed

Click here to view the print options and costs

Do you want to have a physical 3D copy of your self to hold and show others? You have come to the right place. Have yourself scanned and then 3D printed to have your very own mini me to show to your friends to to give as a gift to someone special. The whole process takes about an hour at prices starting from R600. Delivery time will be two to four weeks.

20140815_135143_HDR-s SONY DSC Simone-Model-s SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC 20140222_150621-s SONY DSC


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